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Feliz Dia das Mulheres!


Instituto Embelleze – Rua Lima e Silva, 247 – Liberdade, Salvador/Bahia

Fone: 71 3326-8300


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Feliz Aniversário pra mim!

Marketing e Relacionamento é tudo, ou quase tudo. Com a internet e email, ficou mais $fácil$ para as empresas desejarem feliz aniversário… segue alguns exemplos:

Bonitinho esse, né? Estou no centro das atenções e me sentindo super fashion!

Este é um e-mail automatizado, não responda a ele.


O saldo do seu crédito está inativo.

O saldo de seu Crédito Skype está agora inativo porque você não o utilizou por 180 dias.

Detalhes da sua conta:

Nome Skype:

To reactivate your credit sign into your account and click the reactivate button.

Até mais,
Equipe Skype

A Equipe Skype já foi mais carinhosa… no dia do meu aniversário eles cancelam meu crédito????

Recebi esse desenho de uma pessoa querida da família… 🙂

A Editora Globo tem um mkt de relacionamento PEEESSSIMO! Será que ninguém nunca disse isso a eles??? Primeiro que eles ultrapassam o limite de propaganda por cliente. Segundo que distibuem demais nosso email para os parceiros. E terceiro: NUNCA OS DESEJA ALGO! Não passam um email de Feliz Natal, Feliz Ano Novo ou Feliz Aniversário! So querem que a gente ASSINE, ASSINE, ASSINE! (Estou há dois natais querendo dizer isso, argh!)

Obrigada pela lembrança, SóTalentos, mas pela imagem parece que que vcs estão anunciando o Apocalipse…

Isso mesmo! Sem hipocrisia, Elancers mandou a mensagem focada e o cartão eh bonitinho.

Mais um fofinho com carinho de uma amiga!

Vou lá sim buscar meu presente! Adorei o atendimento la da ultima vez que fui e ainda vou fazer mais dois serviços na Depilclinic – alcançaram o objetivo do cartão.

Que delicia esse cartão! Pena que a Salinas não eh unida, pois esse desconto não vale em Salvador…

O cartão do Smiles tinha um link e tal, mas não consegui inserir.

Cansei de anexar cartões! Hehe… recebi muitos…

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The top things that happened to me in 2009!

Following the tradition I have started last year, that is the list of the great things that happened to me in 2009.

2009 was great: many decisions to make, many steps to take. I hope 2010 brings all the results of the investments I have made last year. 2009 was the year of believing in something and betting on it.

Ok, let see the top’s.



Spending New Year’s Eve by the beach.

Praia do Forte

Spending some time at Papa Gente beach.

Having some Cheese Bread (ok, pão de queijo, hehe) at Rei da Pamonha.

Playing Beach Volley Ball

Sarau do Brown with Saulo and Margareth

Terreiro d’Yesu – the open air play

Lavagem do Bonfim

Lavagem do Bonfim – who has faith goes by feet 🙂 A kind of  rhyme is necessary to make sense (or nonsense!).

Trip to Ourolandia, the land of marble.

Carnaval!!!! 7-days-party! Ok, I did spent a great time in Venice last year, but we cant compare it with Salvador da Bahia!!!! It is Summer!

Having some crabs at Cabana da Cely, Cabana do João, wherever, with my friends – enjoyable afternoons

And, after that, going to Doces Sonhos having some desserts

Ah, having some temakis too!

Canyon of São Francisco River, Canindé, Alagoas

Juazeiro, Bahia – a free night after a long day working hard.

Cookery – Finger Food Course at Atelie Perini – trying hard to get interested in cooking

The tasteful Blue Label Whisky

Spending funny moments with my very best friend in Monte Gordo Spa

Long Easter weekend in Cachoeira, Bahia

Inhotim Museum, Minas Gerais

Dona Sinhá Spa

Childhood memories

Watching intriguing and cool movies like The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, Valkyrie, X-Men Origins (oh, my gosh, Wolverine or Sabretooth?), Star Trek, The Hangover (that one is crazy!!!), Surrogates, MJ – This Is It, Inglourious Basterds, The Reader

Playing indoor volleyball

Dancing all night at Aurora Rave

Staying in a amazing Inn in Ilheus

Crazy tour at Canavieiras, Bahia

Some trips to São Paulo

Praia do Porto on weekdays (it always will be on the top things)

Spending a long and free time with my sister in Rio de Janeiro – the breakfast and dinner Windsor Hotel, Confeitaria Colombo, shopping, Feira do Lavradio, Santo Scenarium, Parque Lage, Ilha Fiscal, Museu Histórico Nacional

The Stock Car Race

Traveling to Vitória, Espírito Santo

Funny time taking photos of my book

Having fun at nice pubs and bars: Twist, Ermano, MoemaTrindade, Jet Set, Garota Carioca, Tihuana, Porto Brasil, Joia Lounge, Maria João

Relaxing – rainny holiday in Praia do Forte

Parties at Praia do Forte

Ana’s Marriage – too much sparkling wine

Trip to Fortaleza, Ceará

First trip to Juazeiro do Norte

Visiting Chapada do Araripe

Visiting the Instituto Ricardo Brennand in Recife, Pernambuco

Jabuticaba Berry – I can not describe it!

Watching Brazilian Air Force Air Demonstration Squadron from my-brother-in-law’s  house

Ensaios do Harem

Jazz at Praia de Forte

Amigo Secreto with my friends at Doces Sonhos (which one is my hand? Can you guess?)

Losing two kilos in December!!!!

Spending the last day of the year in M-A-S-S-A-R-A-N-D-U-P-I-O without electricity

Wooww! So many trips 🙂 and I was complanig I didnt do anything special!

Have a nice 2010!!!!

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Frase da Semana


 “Quando existe afeto, lágrimas femininas são a maior força hidromotriz deste mundo. O mesmo vale para algumas lingeries.”

Dr. Alessandro Loiola

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Frase da Semana


Não se morde quando um simples rosnado resolve a situação.

Agora,  imagine 18 rosnados pintadinhos! Clique aqui!

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The top things that happened to me in 2008!


I decided to post what happened to me and I really enjoyed last year because that is something you have to do every single year! You must do that! The years go too quickly and you ask yourself by the end: what did I do this year? Did I have a good year? The pessimists would say “this year was the worst year in my life! Nothing good happened to me!”.

Is it true? No, of course not! Something good occured to you for sure. I’m not talking about big stuffs like buying a car, getting married. I’m talking about small things like you are 26 years old and you say very loudly: Mom, could you turn off the light, please? Because you are so lazy and sleepy to get up from your bed to do it after reading a book. And you mom comes with a smile on her face and, before switching off the light, she says: Good night!.

Yeah, happiness is in small gestures and TODAY! Don’t try to look for the happiness tomorrow, in the future: I will do this because I will be happy. Do this because you feel happy at that moment and you will be able to remember that moment in the future and feel the smell of the happiness again!

Ok, let’s see my top things of 2008 list:



 Spending New Year’s Eve with my sister in Amsterdam. (The point is my sister, not Amsterdam. Actually, I should have spent the New Year’s Eve in Scotland! I read it is one of the best New Year of Europe. No, that was enough, Scotland and my sister would be too much…)


Watching the play The Phantom of Opera in London


A crazy colonizer’s party


Meeting Alex, Onur and mainly Sean in Venice


Pancake’s Day (that is something new to me: There is Pancake’s Day in Ireland, but they don’t celebrate The International Women’s Day. I’m not asking to be holiday like in Brazil, but I didn’t see any comment about it. Is pancake more important?)



 My Birthday Dinner with my Irish Family and Erica

Crazy 5 days diet (I couldn’t do that, Sheelagh is so brave)


Cooking at Erica’s or Rafael’s House (in fact, I just used to eat and do the washing up)


Getting a job at e-Trip


Watching movies in my bedroom


Going to Mark & Spencer and buy junk food


Burying a ball at the backyard



Playing soccer with “my boys”


Going to Café in Seine


Having some tea after dinner



Working for Moose



Spending St Patrick’s Day with very nice people: Lisa, Carla, Lilian, Audrey…. (Marie, were you there?)



Going for a walk by the beach at Seapoint and Booterstown



Cliffs of Aran Islands



I can not express myself with just one picture of Cliffs of Aran Islands



Look my hand “holding” the stone, how frightening that close!



Celtic Festival in Donegal



Meeting Lucia



Going into a “trip” with Sheelagh to Belfast to see Cirque du Soleil Show.


Buying a bike


Starting tennis classes


Quiting e-Trip job



Lough Derg (I’m not sure which lake is it, but it’s some lake in Shannon Region in the way to Enniskillen town)



Doolin Cave – The Great Stalactite



Taking a nap in a sunny day at St Stephen’s Green



Cashel landscape



Kissing the stone at Blarney Castle



Finally finding a B&B near Blarney Castle



Lough Leane (or any lake in Ring of Kerry. I should take pictures of the signs)



The most peaceful place in the world. We were looking for the Gap of Dunloe at Ring of Kerry and the Sat Nav brought us to here. That is not the Gap of Dunloe, the sat nav got crazy after being so nice. You can not feel the peace from the picture, but it is, believe me, the most peaceful place I have been so far. I wish I had a blanket and some bread and cheese to sleep over there.



Lady’s View – the most beautiful view so far



Trip to Scotland


Highland Games in Markinch, Scotland



Trip to Newgrange 



Taste of Dublin 2008 Festival



Any street festival



Casino Marino


Free Linkin Park Concert at RDS. Thank you, Liu! 😛



Trip to Prague



Swimming at Lago de Como



Meeting Ricardo again



Taking a nap at Jardin du Luxembourg, Paris



Watching Zinedine Zidane playing again at Stade de France (can you see him???? The bald guy! Hehehe)




Bastille Day – fireworks and classical music at Eiffel Tower



Awesome and cheap hotel at Toledo, Spain



Churros and porras at Chocolatéria de San Ginés, Madrid


Fast train from Madrid to Barcelona after many Ryanair`s flights. It’s really fast, I coudn’t take any picture 🙂



Duomo Cathedral, Milan



Getting an antique diamond ring as a present in Bologna (it’s not an engagement ring!)



Meeting my family again!



Meeting my old friends again!


Sleeping on my bed



Planting some trees in our little piece of land in Massarandupió Beach, Bahia 


Jammil Gig 


Getting a job at Brain


Nice dinner with my mom’s seasoning at home (I have no problem with Ryan’s seasoning, but nobody can reach any mom!)


Watching Vitória x Grêmio Match at Barradão.


Being back to Beach Volleyball


Going to Praia do Porto in the afternoon.  


That was my 2008! Something that makes me happy happens almost every 6 days! It is very good, isn’t it?

If you are not here, it’s because you happened to me before 2008, maybe 2007, or you will happen to me!!!


Have a nice 2009!

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Feliz Natal!


Dentro de alguns dias, um Ano Novo vai chegar a esta estação.

 Se não puder ser o maquinista, seja seu mais divertido passageiro.

Procure um lugar próximo à janela, desfrute cada uma das paisagens que o tempo lhe oferecer, com o prazer de quem realiza a primeira viagem.

Não se assuste com os abismos, nem com as curvas que não lhe deixam ver os caminhos. Procure curtir a viagem, observando cada arbusto, cada riacho, beirais de estrada e tons mutantes de paisagem.

Desdobre o mapa e planeje roteiros.

Preste atenção em cada ponto de parada, e fique atento ao apito da partida.

 E quando decidir descer na estação onde a esperança lhe acenou não hesite.

Desembarque nela os seus sonhos…

Desconhecida a autoria 

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