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The top things that happened to me in 2009!

Following the tradition I have started last year, that is the list of the great things that happened to me in 2009.

2009 was great: many decisions to make, many steps to take. I hope 2010 brings all the results of the investments I have made last year. 2009 was the year of believing in something and betting on it.

Ok, let see the top’s.



Spending New Year’s Eve by the beach.

Praia do Forte

Spending some time at Papa Gente beach.

Having some Cheese Bread (ok, pão de queijo, hehe) at Rei da Pamonha.

Playing Beach Volley Ball

Sarau do Brown with Saulo and Margareth

Terreiro d’Yesu – the open air play

Lavagem do Bonfim

Lavagem do Bonfim – who has faith goes by feet 🙂 A kind of  rhyme is necessary to make sense (or nonsense!).

Trip to Ourolandia, the land of marble.

Carnaval!!!! 7-days-party! Ok, I did spent a great time in Venice last year, but we cant compare it with Salvador da Bahia!!!! It is Summer!

Having some crabs at Cabana da Cely, Cabana do João, wherever, with my friends – enjoyable afternoons

And, after that, going to Doces Sonhos having some desserts

Ah, having some temakis too!

Canyon of São Francisco River, Canindé, Alagoas

Juazeiro, Bahia – a free night after a long day working hard.

Cookery – Finger Food Course at Atelie Perini – trying hard to get interested in cooking

The tasteful Blue Label Whisky

Spending funny moments with my very best friend in Monte Gordo Spa

Long Easter weekend in Cachoeira, Bahia

Inhotim Museum, Minas Gerais

Dona Sinhá Spa

Childhood memories

Watching intriguing and cool movies like The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, Valkyrie, X-Men Origins (oh, my gosh, Wolverine or Sabretooth?), Star Trek, The Hangover (that one is crazy!!!), Surrogates, MJ – This Is It, Inglourious Basterds, The Reader

Playing indoor volleyball

Dancing all night at Aurora Rave

Staying in a amazing Inn in Ilheus

Crazy tour at Canavieiras, Bahia

Some trips to São Paulo

Praia do Porto on weekdays (it always will be on the top things)

Spending a long and free time with my sister in Rio de Janeiro – the breakfast and dinner Windsor Hotel, Confeitaria Colombo, shopping, Feira do Lavradio, Santo Scenarium, Parque Lage, Ilha Fiscal, Museu Histórico Nacional

The Stock Car Race

Traveling to Vitória, Espírito Santo

Funny time taking photos of my book

Having fun at nice pubs and bars: Twist, Ermano, MoemaTrindade, Jet Set, Garota Carioca, Tihuana, Porto Brasil, Joia Lounge, Maria João

Relaxing – rainny holiday in Praia do Forte

Parties at Praia do Forte

Ana’s Marriage – too much sparkling wine

Trip to Fortaleza, Ceará

First trip to Juazeiro do Norte

Visiting Chapada do Araripe

Visiting the Instituto Ricardo Brennand in Recife, Pernambuco

Jabuticaba Berry – I can not describe it!

Watching Brazilian Air Force Air Demonstration Squadron from my-brother-in-law’s  house

Ensaios do Harem

Jazz at Praia de Forte

Amigo Secreto with my friends at Doces Sonhos (which one is my hand? Can you guess?)

Losing two kilos in December!!!!

Spending the last day of the year in M-A-S-S-A-R-A-N-D-U-P-I-O without electricity

Wooww! So many trips 🙂 and I was complanig I didnt do anything special!

Have a nice 2010!!!!


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