The top things that happened to me in 2008!


I decided to post what happened to me and I really enjoyed last year because that is something you have to do every single year! You must do that! The years go too quickly and you ask yourself by the end: what did I do this year? Did I have a good year? The pessimists would say “this year was the worst year in my life! Nothing good happened to me!”.

Is it true? No, of course not! Something good occured to you for sure. I’m not talking about big stuffs like buying a car, getting married. I’m talking about small things like you are 26 years old and you say very loudly: Mom, could you turn off the light, please? Because you are so lazy and sleepy to get up from your bed to do it after reading a book. And you mom comes with a smile on her face and, before switching off the light, she says: Good night!.

Yeah, happiness is in small gestures and TODAY! Don’t try to look for the happiness tomorrow, in the future: I will do this because I will be happy. Do this because you feel happy at that moment and you will be able to remember that moment in the future and feel the smell of the happiness again!

Ok, let’s see my top things of 2008 list:



 Spending New Year’s Eve with my sister in Amsterdam. (The point is my sister, not Amsterdam. Actually, I should have spent the New Year’s Eve in Scotland! I read it is one of the best New Year of Europe. No, that was enough, Scotland and my sister would be too much…)


Watching the play The Phantom of Opera in London


A crazy colonizer’s party


Meeting Alex, Onur and mainly Sean in Venice


Pancake’s Day (that is something new to me: There is Pancake’s Day in Ireland, but they don’t celebrate The International Women’s Day. I’m not asking to be holiday like in Brazil, but I didn’t see any comment about it. Is pancake more important?)



 My Birthday Dinner with my Irish Family and Erica

Crazy 5 days diet (I couldn’t do that, Sheelagh is so brave)


Cooking at Erica’s or Rafael’s House (in fact, I just used to eat and do the washing up)


Getting a job at e-Trip


Watching movies in my bedroom


Going to Mark & Spencer and buy junk food


Burying a ball at the backyard



Playing soccer with “my boys”


Going to Café in Seine


Having some tea after dinner



Working for Moose



Spending St Patrick’s Day with very nice people: Lisa, Carla, Lilian, Audrey…. (Marie, were you there?)



Going for a walk by the beach at Seapoint and Booterstown



Cliffs of Aran Islands



I can not express myself with just one picture of Cliffs of Aran Islands



Look my hand “holding” the stone, how frightening that close!



Celtic Festival in Donegal



Meeting Lucia



Going into a “trip” with Sheelagh to Belfast to see Cirque du Soleil Show.


Buying a bike


Starting tennis classes


Quiting e-Trip job



Lough Derg (I’m not sure which lake is it, but it’s some lake in Shannon Region in the way to Enniskillen town)



Doolin Cave – The Great Stalactite



Taking a nap in a sunny day at St Stephen’s Green



Cashel landscape



Kissing the stone at Blarney Castle



Finally finding a B&B near Blarney Castle



Lough Leane (or any lake in Ring of Kerry. I should take pictures of the signs)



The most peaceful place in the world. We were looking for the Gap of Dunloe at Ring of Kerry and the Sat Nav brought us to here. That is not the Gap of Dunloe, the sat nav got crazy after being so nice. You can not feel the peace from the picture, but it is, believe me, the most peaceful place I have been so far. I wish I had a blanket and some bread and cheese to sleep over there.



Lady’s View – the most beautiful view so far



Trip to Scotland


Highland Games in Markinch, Scotland



Trip to Newgrange 



Taste of Dublin 2008 Festival



Any street festival



Casino Marino


Free Linkin Park Concert at RDS. Thank you, Liu! 😛



Trip to Prague



Swimming at Lago de Como



Meeting Ricardo again



Taking a nap at Jardin du Luxembourg, Paris



Watching Zinedine Zidane playing again at Stade de France (can you see him???? The bald guy! Hehehe)




Bastille Day – fireworks and classical music at Eiffel Tower



Awesome and cheap hotel at Toledo, Spain



Churros and porras at Chocolatéria de San Ginés, Madrid


Fast train from Madrid to Barcelona after many Ryanair`s flights. It’s really fast, I coudn’t take any picture 🙂



Duomo Cathedral, Milan



Getting an antique diamond ring as a present in Bologna (it’s not an engagement ring!)



Meeting my family again!



Meeting my old friends again!


Sleeping on my bed



Planting some trees in our little piece of land in Massarandupió Beach, Bahia 


Jammil Gig 


Getting a job at Brain


Nice dinner with my mom’s seasoning at home (I have no problem with Ryan’s seasoning, but nobody can reach any mom!)


Watching Vitória x Grêmio Match at Barradão.


Being back to Beach Volleyball


Going to Praia do Porto in the afternoon.  


That was my 2008! Something that makes me happy happens almost every 6 days! It is very good, isn’t it?

If you are not here, it’s because you happened to me before 2008, maybe 2007, or you will happen to me!!!


Have a nice 2009!


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9 Respostas para “The top things that happened to me in 2008!

  1. Ivan

    Eitcha (wow)! É muita coisa, hein (It’s a lot of things, isn’t it)!?

    Bombou (no translation here)!


    happy new year!

  2. Irmã, adorei sua listinha.
    Temos, mesmo, que fazer isso de-vez-em-sempre. Caso contrário, o tempo passa e não pontuamos as coisas boas que aconteceram. Adorei começar 2008 com vc em Amsterdam!!!! Nossa viagem foi maravilhosa, espero que possamos marcar outras no futuro!

  3. Liu

    Carol, fico muito feliz por ter participado desse seu ano maravilhoso, mesmo sendo por um dia só. Quem diria que conseguiríamos nos encontrar vivendo em países tão distantes? Vc me salvou de um rio de lágrimas em Paris e me proporcionou o mais bonito show pirotécnico que eu já vi. Serei eternamente grata! Te espero no Canadá em 2009! Beijos

  4. Liu, olha que eu vou, hein! Mas acho que vou em 2010… 2009 será um ano de investimentos (ou gastos) grandes $$$…

  5. Aaeee! Parabéns! E tomara que 2009 seja tão bom ou até melhor que 2008 para todos =).
    Numa de suas fotos vc diz: “Churros and porras at Chocolatéria de San Ginés, Madrid”. Porras é alguma coisa de comer lá em Madrid?!??

  6. Hahaha, porras é um coisa que algumas pessoas são adeptas de comer em todo mundo, cada um tem suas preferências, hehehe…

    Mas, especificamente em Madri ou na Espanha de modo geral, porras é tipo um “biscoito-churros”, mais salgado que o churros, que os espanhóis costumam comer, acompanhado de chocolate quente bem cremoso. Pra quem conhece biscoitos mineiros, porras é bem parecido com biscoito de povilho azedo frito.

  7. Carla

    voltei aqui pra dar uma olhadinha na sua retrospectiva…e falar nossa que ano bom! Que bom que você conseguiu aproveitar tanto e que eu participei de dois dias com você!

  8. Oi, Carlaaaaa!

    Vamos ver se vc vai fazer parte do meu 2009! Tomara que eu dê uma passadinha no Rio!


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